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Pregnancy Back pain

Chiropractic Care Benefits for Expecting Mothers

Say ‘Chiropractors’, many imagine them as doctors for backs or neck pain only. In-fact a chiropractor deals with over all well being of people that includes physical, mental and emotional wholeness and vitality.

All chiropractors are specifically trained to care for the pregnant women.  But, it is pity that many women are unaware of this and also are ignorant of the benefits of chiropractic care, before and during pregnancy to both the baby and themselves. It can help in comfortable pregnancy, easy and uncomplicated labor and delivery.

During a pregnancy the body goes through a lot of physiological and endocrinological to accommodate the growing uterus and baby inside you. There is

  • Your own weight.
  • The weight of quickly growing baby and uterus.
  • Protruding stomach pulls the back and increases its curve.
  • Center of gravity shift to the front of pelvis.
  • Postural imbalance.
  • Loosening of ligaments.
  • Hormonal changes.

All these changes lead to misalignment of joints and put extra stress on the back bone, pelvic area and lower limbs; causing the pain that most pregnant women complain of. If, some sort of un-notice imbalance in spine or pelvis joints was already present, than pregnancy will accentuate the discomfort due to overtaxed joints. Pregnancy becomes a problem in such cases to extent that normal daily routine activities get highly uncomfortable.

A proper positioning of the baby and aligned pelvic outlet are a must for safe and easy delivery.  Misaligned pelvis

  • Often causes back pain and hinders the mother to take proper position for efficient labor.
  • Compensates the room available for the developing fetus.
  • At times makes it difficult for baby’s head to take the optimal position for delivery.  The loosen ligaments can twist and affect the uterus positioning, resulting the baby to present instead of head-down (vertex) position to be
    • Breech (buttock or feet down).
    • Transverse (sideways).
    • Sunny side up (face up or posterior baby).

Both the transverse and breech positions indicate intervention and often C-section. The sunny side up can be very difficult, painful and long labor.

It is now days recommended that women should receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy for pelvic and spinal alignments. A chiropractor is specially trained, who can adjust the misaligned joints for you during pregnancy and it is safe to get adjust even till delivery. These adjustments are non invasive and are done by gentle pressure with hands. This helps improve room necessary for optimal fetal development and for fetus to take the proper position, reducing the chance of potential C-section. A ‘Webster technique’ is used to balance the pelvis and pelvic ligaments to lessen the stress on body and it also lets the fetus to take best position for birth. According to ‘The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics’ (July/August 2002 issue); the Webster Technique showed 82% success rate when applied to breech babies, in turning to normal (vertex) presentation. Another study concluded that that regular chiropractic care during pregnancy reduces the chances of posterior labor.

In addition to healthier pregnancy and easier delivery, chiropractics also can work wonder on nausea symptoms of pregnancy. There are strong votes for chiropractic follow-up after in post-natal period. Chiropractics right after the delivery (8 weeks) is ideal to get the joints back to right alignment, before the ligament go to their original state.

Ladies in Houston! Get yourself aligned for good health and healthier life today and always. We, Houston Chiropractor at ‘Walk In Chiropractic ’ are just a call away. Highly qualified and skilled team of chiropractors will welcome you in friendly and pleasant environment. A thorough examination and history will determine your current situation and help us plan a tailor made therapy for you.

Dr Naghavi and his team say that chiropractic treatment brings relief to the low-back pain of pregnancy. It is safe for both mother and the baby. In your plan for healthy and pleasant pregnancy, you will be advised nutrition, ergonomic and some exercises also.

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