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“Osteoarthritis Can Rob Simple Joys Of Life”

People often suffer from joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and one may notice cracking and creaking in joint. The range of motion at the joint is decreased and later with time the joint gets deformed and ultimately the joint becomes useless.  Well dear! Chances are that it is one of most common problem of joints (arthritis). ‘Osteoarthritis’ is an arthritic condition (degenerative disease) in which whole joint (joint cartilage, lining, ligaments and surrounding bone) gets involved.

In US 60% adults suffer from OA. The cause leading to this disease has not been ascertained or pinpointed as yet. It has been detected that both mechanical and molecular changes have their contribution to the wear and tear as one age. OA advent is gradual and people above 50 start showing it signs although it can start as early as at the age of 30. The documented data shows that Osteoarthritis can affect any joint but is generally seem to involve hand, knee, hips, and spine joints. Affected joints make life’s normal day to day simple activities problematical.

Some people who are at higher risk to have OA are as follows

  • Age above 40.
  • Obese or are overweight.
  • Have history of injury to the joint.
  • People have jobs or sports activities that involve over use or stress of joints
  • Genetically predisposed, like cartilage defect and joint or it structures malformation.
  • Misaligned joints.


Diagnosis of OA is confirmed after full history and physical examination along with some tests which will include X-ray, blood test and joint fluid test. The radiograph will show some narrowing of joint space, bone outgrowth and sclerosis.

Houston! Anyone who is confirmed or has a doubt that is suffering from OA, come to us at ‘Walk in Chiropractic . The excellent chiropractic team here will guide you the better life. There are a lot of over the counter and other treatments available but chiropractic is a holistic approach you are looking for.

Dr Naghavi (DC, ACN) and his team will firstly evaluate you thoroughly to reach the basic cause and then will tailor make a plan according to each one’s case and requirements. They will keep in mind how to improve the movement of the affected area along with the pain control. Dr Naghavi and his team of chiropractors at the office are all well versed in nutrition as well. The nutritional and other lifestyle changes advises are simple and easy to follow, the best is these advices work well. You will be given chart to follow to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

At ‘Walk in Chiropractic , we have the facility of joint adjustments, therapeutic massage, TENS, LLLT, and many more. Wellness is our motto and we preserver to achieve the goal.

Why suffer and miss out on simple joys of life? Timely intervention will be the best choice you will be making. Let our team at ‘Walk in Chiropractic help you live and enjoy healthy and better life. Just call (713) 529-4808 or visit our site www.MyWalkInChiropractic.com to book an appointment to avoid long waiting period. Check out the patient review section also. We are located at 2002 Binz Street, suite B, Houston, TX 77004