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Neck Pain Houston – Evaluation and Treatment

Neck Pain Houston – Evaluation and Treatment

Neck Pain Houston: Did you know that the neck is more vulnerable to injury than any other part of spine? Once injured, neck pain can continue to worsen over time until you have a constant “pain in the neck”. The fact that neck pain is so irritating is where we get the phrase:

“You are a pain in the neck.”

About Neck Pain Houston

Neck Pain HoustonNeck pain may come from variety of sources – including but not limited to – whiplash (auto injury), sport injuries, bad posture, large breasts female, bad pillows, arthritis, cervical disc misalignments, a decrease or increase of curvature of neck or even the common flu. Also, side effects from different medications may cause muscle spasm of the neck in certain people.

What starts as a pain in the neck, will often lead to headaches or pain that radiates into the shoulders. The neck area contains many important nerves and arteries that feed the brain. Addressing neck pain quickly is important to that is does not become chronic.

Job related neck pain is common among people with poor posture, excessive work-related stress, or poorly configured work station, or jobs that require long hours on the computer.

Craftsmen such as painters, carpenters or welders also frequently suffer from neck pain from working in hunched or unusual positions for long periods of time.

Neck pain is more common among women than men.

How We Treat Your Neck Pain

In our office we take care of people on an individual basis. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

A comprehensive history will allow Dr. Naghavi to design the best therapeutic approach. what for you is a neck pain, for us often involves many other structures connected to your neck.

We have successfully help people with neck pain arising from herniated discs, joint dysfunction, immobilization and many other problems that produce generalized neck pain.

To treat your pain we will use a combination of therapies that may include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue release, or several forms of physical therapies. We offer ultrasound, electric stimulation, low level laser therapies, traction, cervical pillows, exercises, posture retraining, stress management, and more. The important part is that the plan is design to work for the individual.

What to Do If You Have Neck Pain

Do not ignore the first signs of the neck pain. You may think that the cause is a pillow or laying crooked in bed, but only an expert can properly determine the true cause. You need to be evaluated as soon as possible to make sure that your pain doesn’t become chronic.

Come as a walk-in to our downtown Houston office or call us to make an appointment. Our office is designed for short term neck pain relief care and is very affordable. We want to take proper care of your neck pain with the fewest visits possible. Come experience our superior services and put an end to your neck pain.
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