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Headache Evaluation and Treatment in Houston

Headache Evaluation and Treatment in Houston

Treating the underlying cause of your headaches requires some detective work to figure out what is causing them. That’s why we emphasis proper diagnostics before treating your headaches. We pride ourselves in matching therapies to each person’s unique biochemistry and headache patterns and have found this approach to yield excellent results.

Most Common Types of Headaches

Tension headaches– Causes may vary person to person, but in general the cause is stress and neck muscle contraction.

Migraines– Medical literature claims the cause is unknown, but according to many studies, various organic and non-organic substances may be the causes of migraine headaches. Symptoms of migraine headaches are sensitivity to light, noise, or odors, nausea or vomiting, dizzy, blurred vision or upset stomach.

Cluster headaches – The pain of a cluster headache is located behind one eye and may attack 3 times per day or more. These headaches can be very intense with a burning or piercing sensation.

Sinus headaches – Sinus headaches are characterized by deep constant pain below the eyes. You may have nasal discharge, ear fullness and fever accompany the pain.

Acute headaches – These are also called first time headches such as those seen in children. They occur suddenly and for the first time and the cause could be respiratory or sinus infection.

Hormone headaches – Hormones changes or hormone imbalances that may occur during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can trigger hormone headaches. Chemically induced hormone changes and drugs such as birth control pills may also be responsible.

Inflammatory headaches – Inflammatory headaches may be the result of an illness or disorder of the brain or skull.

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Why Do You Get Headaches

A few things you may or may not know about the sources of headaches…

  • Men and women have different kinds of headaches.
  • Change in climate may give you headache.
  • Different perfumes or smell may trigger headaches.
  • Hats, braids and various different hair accessories may affect the scalp and give you headaches.
  • Too much exercise may trigger tension or migraine headaches.
  • Sex can also trigger tension or migraine headaches.
  • Poor posture that affects the head, neck and upper back may trigger muscle tension around the neck and give you headaches.
  • Many food additives and processed meats can give you headaches.
  • Cheese, wine, alcohol, chocolate, and hypoglycemia can all give you headaches.
  • Smoking, coffee, and stress can give you headaches
  • Headaches are connected to hormone imbalances and pregnancy.
  • Some headaches are side effects of other illnesses, diseases or medications.
  • Head injuries, whiplash, tumors, cough and many more can give you headaches.
  • Lastly, headache medication can give you headaches.

Treatment for Different Types of Headaches

The list of different headache types above, make it clear why a proper diagnosis is required prior to treatment. Our clinic has success treating many different headaches from many different sources using conventional and alternative headache treatment methods.

In our office we take a complete history of your headache triggers and symptoms to diagnose what kind of headaches you have. Even if another healthcare provider has already made a diagnosis of your headaches, we will start from the beginning to make sure that nothing was missed. We evaluate and discuss every cases according to your chief complaint.

We treat our patients with a combination of nutrition therapy, food elimination, sensitivity tests, saliva tests for hormones, and cervical spine adjustments. Research has shown that cervical spine adjustments are highly effective for tension and cervical-related headaches. In the research, the treatment time has varied between 9-12 visits.

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What to Do If You Have Headaches

Do not ignore them. You may think you know the source and that it will go away on its own, but only an expert can properly determine the true cause. You need to be evaluated as soon as possible to make sure that your headache pain doesn’t become chronic.

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