Walk In Chiropractic & Wellness Center At Houston Texas

Functional Medicine

At Walk In Chiropractic & Wellness center  we are focus on optimal functioning and health of your individual organ systems. our approach  is via Total Blood work that are includes many area of the body’s functions and systems. Functional blood chemistry ranges are much tighter which increase the sensitivity & reveals underlying factors that may  interfere with optimal functions.

In order to be familiar with blood panels that our office uses please attend our monthly workshop about blood  panels, Call us for detail.

“you don’t have to have a disease to benefit from functional medicine”

Prevention is easier we need to cache the symptoms before become illness and disease.

For example some individuals may have  symptoms such as: “I need Caffeine or other energy drinks in the morning or afternoon to give me energy”. They are many other symptoms that we may think is not important to our health. Let our office evaluate you .